Friday, October 10, 2008

My daddy's . . . . .

So my 2 1/2 year old, Kaden has had a speech delay and is just barely starting to talk in sentences. It really freaked me out at first because my other two were so advanced in speech that I felt horrible and helpless with my last baby. I ended up getting him tested and getting him into an early intervention program and now WOW he's talking up a storm. I really think it's interesting to have him just start spouting off now since his brain is so much further ahead and he didn't really start with a couple words or this and that it was nothing to sentences in a couple months.
Here are a few examples of our conversations.
So we bought this action figure since my husband won't let me call it a doll but pretty much it looks like a boy barbie to me. Take a look

It was sitting on my dresser when Kaden found it. He of course thought it was daddy's since everything is daddy's to him. He came out holding it in his hand saying, "My daddy's Jesus is scary." That's right because he has long hair my son thought it was a doll of Jesus. I quickly corrected him to let him know it was a pirate named Jack Sparrow and not Jesus.
Kaden has decided to wear pull ups in stead of diapers since he's a big boy and I have to say he's actually doing great at the potty training. So we've had a lot of discussions on potty training and the like. We were driving home and from the back seat of the SUV he yells, "My daddy's potty trained." Yep here we go again with the daddy talk.
My last story happened just today. He was holding my cell phone in hopes that he would be able to call his daddy. He looked up at me and said, "Calling daddy!" I just let him play with it but when he held it up to his ear and no one answered he looked at me and very annoyed said, "My daddy's a moron!"
Aren't 2 year olds so much fun! :) I just love the little stinker!