Monday, June 30, 2008

I didn't know church could be so dangerous!

So yesterday we we all went to church, we made it there on time and of course hubby and I were assigned to say the prayers as we do about every 5 weeks or so. Apparently we still haven't gotten it right because they keep asking us! :) Sacrament meeting was the normal 1 hour and 10 minute wrestling match, hearing bits and pieces of the speaker and counting down the minutes until Primary starts, we begin a quiet little chant, "song and a prayer, song and a prayer, song and a prayer" when we hit the closing song and then the kids are off to their classes. Hubby and I go to Sunday School where we can actually listen to the teacher and participate. At the end of Sunday School hubby took off to go teach the youth and I decided I'd move up a few rows to sit with another lady, Holly, who's husband teaches the youth. I was just beginning to catch up with Holly's life the past week when the Primary president came in and gestured for me to come out into the hall. I set my stuff down on the seat with every intention to return, and quickly went out the door. In the hallway I found Tyce waiting for me, being held in his teachers arms with some blood running down his face coming from a cut that was right on the side of his eye. I wondered what happened since I didn't realize Primary was so dangerous. His teacher informed me he was singing, "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!" and when he jumped up he fell and hit the chair in front of him. It seemed like a freak accident to me and then when I examined his eye I realized he was probably going to need stitches. Luckily there are a few doctors who go to our church and so I went to find one of them to see what he thought about Tyce's eye. He agreed that Tyce would need stitches, he offered to do them at his house but then decided he probably didn't have the right numbing medicine so I'd better take him to the insta care. So I grabbed hubby and we were off to spend the next hour and a half at the insta care where Tyce ended up getting 3 stitches. He was very brave and didn't cry until the doctor started giving him stitches but when the doctor was finished the tears went away when the doctor informed Tyce that she had a popsicle for him. On the way home he informed us that he was definitely braver than Spencer since he hardly cried at all. Thinking back I would have to agree since it took hubby, a nurse, and I to hold Spencer still while the doctor stitched up his foot and he laid there trying to get up and screaming the entire time. It was horrible.
Needless to say I think I'll send Tyce to church with a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and a mouth guard next week! :) And as all great parents do, we taught him that when someone asks him what happened to his eye he should respond with, "You should see the other guy!" Aren't parroting kids fun! :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dead and Bomb, what other words should a 2 year old know?

So Tyce wanted me to play sword fighting with him. He had 2 tinker toy sticks and handed me one saying mom this is your light saber. Then he proceeded to stab me and say, "Mom you are dead. . . . . Okay you are back alive!" I stabbed him and he pretended to be dead, then all of a sudden he threw some little toy at me and said, "Bomb, you're dead!" It didn't matter what I did, he would tell me that wasn't the rules and I couldn't do that and he had a force field around him so nothing worked. Pretty much I just needed to stand up, get stabbed, play dead, and repeat! Then Kaden, my 2 year old, came over and stabbed me and said, "Dead!" Then he turned to Tyce and stabbed him and said, "Dead!" Then he turned to my sister and did the same thing. A few minutes later he walked around saying, "Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!" Lovely, I know. In case I didn't mention it he's in speech therapy right now because he's a bit delayed for his age so I'm sure his therapist will be thrilled to know that he now knows the words dead and bomb! Glad we aren't going to the airport anytime soon or my 2 year old might not make it through the screening process.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WFMW cribtent

Works For Me Wednesday
I have to give all three of my boys credit for being some of the best baby climbers ever! When Spencer was 1 he climbed up onto the couch and then climbed through a little cutout in the wall that led to the kitchen then walked around the counters to find a cup to get himself a drink. Tyce had more of a sweet tooth and at 1 years old he would pull out the bottom freezer and climb in to eat ice cream. I came out of my bedroom to find him sitting in the pullout freezer with a giant spoon and a gallon of ice cream going to town! Kaden decided he would climb out of his crib at 20 months, I know it was all a plot so I wouldn't get any sleep. Isn't that what kids do? I was not ready to have the sleepless nights of returning him to a "big boy" bed 50 bigillion (that really isn't a word is it?) times so I looked online for a solution and what do you know I found one. It's called a crib tent. This ingenious device saved us and continues to provide much needed sleep while I work up the energy to move Kaden to a "big Boy" bed. It attaches to the top of the crib and then goes under the mattress to provide a dome around the top of the child's crib and then it zips closed. I love it so much that we ordered a 2nd one for our play yard and it is the first thing we pack when we go out of town. I think I bought mine at but I found them online at Walmart for the cheapest price. It's been a life saver for our family!

Daisies at my mothers doorstep

This past weekend I found out that my uncle has cirrhosis of the liver. This is my mother's brother and the only member of her immediate family still living. She lost her parents 18 years ago. Just a little bit about my uncle, he was in and out of different treatment facilities as a boy, he was shipped off to military school to try to help but with no avail. In his adult life he was married and had 5 children (one of which died as a child). He is now divorced and pretty much has been on and off drugs his entire life. It's really sad but at the same time I'm not sure there is much any of us can do. My mom tried to help him, took him into her home, helped him find a job and an apartment but he was fired and ended up going back to where he lived before which is across the country from us. Needless to say my mother was very sad when she heard the news and I just felt like I should go visit her (it's a 4 hour drive) and take my kids to help her smile. Right before we were about to leave Spencer's friend called to see if he could come play. I overheard him on the phone telling his friend that we had to go see his grandma because her brother was going to die because he drinks so much. I'm not sure how the rest of the conversation went because I was busy packing up the car but I'm sure it would have been really interesting to listen to. We drove the 4 hours, which was quite an event. For some reason there was traffic in the middle of nowhere and then it seemed like the semi trucks were purposely driving side by side to see how many cars they could back up. I doubt that was really the case but when you are in a hurry it sure feels that way. My husband was so frustrated and at one point said, "Uhhh morons!" In the back seat I heard Kaden in his little 2 year old voice say, "Ahh moron!" We all started laughing and so he did it again and again. Moron seemed to be the word of the day! When we arrived at my moms we parked behind her house so she couldn't see our car. Then I gave each of my boys a daisy (her favorite flower) and sent them up to the door to surprise grandma. When she opened the door there they were, as cute as can be with flowers in hand and a grin on each face. She was so happy to see them and at least for a couple days could put a smile on her face.
Apparently moron continued to be the word of the day into Sunday. We went to church with my parents and as to keep my children quiet during the service I gave Tyce a picture of Jesus and 2 fishermen. Tyce turned to me and pointed at the 2 fishermen and then said, "Mom, who are those 2 morons anyways?" He caught me a little off guard and I may have laughed out loud as I explained who the men where.
Needless to say we had a great weekend and it's so nice to have family that lives close so you can all come together in times like these. It makes me grateful for my parents and for my brothers and sisters and that I'm lucky to have them all in my life!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is there such an Olympic event?

Spencer was burping in the car today so I turned around and told him that was enough and I didn't want to hear it again. He said okay but also informed me that he had already burped 80 times. A few minutes later he said, "Mom can you hear me burping in my mouth." I told him no, thank goodness! So a few more minutes went by and he said, "Mom is there such a thing as a burping contest." I told him that yes, he could have a burping contest with his friends but I didn't know if there was a burping contest where you actually get paid. He said, "Mom I don't want to get paid I just wondered if there's one where you could get a medal." I laughed a bit and said, "No they don't have burping contests in the Olympics."

More boy talk

So one of the sayings my husband has always used when waking up early in the morning is, "I can't believe I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn." I'm not sure if that's a common saying or if it's just him. Today we were driving home in the car with our 3 boys and I asked him what time he was leaving in the morning. He said, "So early we are leaving at the butt crack." So then Spencer says, "Dad you just said a bad word." Tyce responds with, "Mom why did dad say butt crack." I told him, "Well sometimes dad slips." Tyce looked at me funny and said, "he slips on his butt crack?"

Water balloons flying through the sky

So last Saturday my husband filled up a bunch of water balloons for the kids to have a water fight. I was laying in the hammock relaxing after a hard days work, I spent Friday and Saturday painting and decorating Tyce's room in pirates, when all of the sudden yes you guessed it out of no where came a water balloon that landed in the tree and splashed all over me. A bit later I was cleaning up lunch that we'd eaten outside and my 14 year old nephew was laying in the hammock and yep you guessed it again, another water balloon came flying through the sky and drenched him. Which reminds me of a funny story. This happened a year ago in our neighborhood. We were at a neighborhood church party that was held in the back of one of our friends yards. They had all the tables decorated and we were all sitting eating dinner, chatting, and just enjoying everyone's company. Two of the neighborhood boys showed up and ate dinner with us but then left before the program. The program started and everyone was listening to the speaker as she talked about her life and played some songs that she had written. About half way into the program out of no where came a water balloon that hit one of the tables and burst, spraying everyone at the table including a little 1 month old baby, luckily she was wrapped up in a baby sling. A few seconds later, the second balloon hit. The men started to get up and one of the fathers of the 2 boys who had been there earlier yelled, "Spencer!" (just happens to be his name too) All the men went running to see if they could find these boys. The boys were found by Spencer's father hiding in his garage and needless to say they received quite the lecture. They had to come back to the party and apologize to everyone who was there. I personally thought it was all done in fun and they are some of the cutest boys I know. They always come up with funny pranks and I hope some day my boys choose to do the same thing. I'm sure as a parent it won't be as funny but none the less I can think of a lot worse things they could be doing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blowing bubbles

Today we went to Spencer's last baseball game, hurray! Yes shout it out with me HURRAY! Yes we've been sleeping, eating, and drinking baseball for the last 2 1/2 months and since it's been such a rainy spring the season has lasted a bit longer due to rainouts. Well tonight they played at 8pm, yes seems late for a 7 year old but apparently it was the only time slot available. My husband wasn't home so I bundled up the kids and loaded them into the car and headed out to the baseball game. The game started and my husband met me there which was so nice since now we could each man a child since we had a little attitude going on because it was an hour past bedtime.
I heard Kaden yell, "bubbles! bubbles!" He was so enthusiastic so I looked over to see where he was finding these bubbles and lo and behold Tyce was hanging over the bleacher watching as his spit slowly fell to the ground seeing how long it could hang before it dropped. Kaden thought this was great because it looked like little bubbles. You'll have to look closely at the picture to see it but that would be the great bubbles Kaden was talking about.
Funny I really don't remember playing those sort of games as a little girl, or blowing bubbles in that manner!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May the force be with me

My husband loves the movie star wars and when the toys started coming out with the last 3 he bought a bunch of them. You know it's that, "oh I always wanted one of these when I was a kid" syndrome, that turns you into a little kid as an adult. So you guessed it we have all sorts of little star wars characters, light sabers, the star wars ships, the darth vador talking mask and suit. You name it we probably have it. In fact one of my 5 year old nephews is obsessed with star wars and after playing with it he came and found me and the following conversation took place.
Nephew, "When your husband dies can I have all his cool star wars things."
Me, "Well I'm hoping he won't die soon."
Nephew, "I know but when he does die then can I have them because I really like them all."
With that said, you should know that not only do we have every
star wars toy we also have the ability to use the force. Well I don't have the ability but apparently my 4 year old son, Tyce does. For example, today we went to the store and Tyce said, "Mom wait I'll get the door." He then proceeded to run up to the automatic door and stick his hand out like a jedi and say something like, "whooosh." Then he paused in the jedi stance until I walked through the door. Then he ran up to the next door looking behind him to make sure no one was going to interrupt his use of the force and then did it again.