Tuesday, June 24, 2008

WFMW cribtent

Works For Me Wednesday
I have to give all three of my boys credit for being some of the best baby climbers ever! When Spencer was 1 he climbed up onto the couch and then climbed through a little cutout in the wall that led to the kitchen then walked around the counters to find a cup to get himself a drink. Tyce had more of a sweet tooth and at 1 years old he would pull out the bottom freezer and climb in to eat ice cream. I came out of my bedroom to find him sitting in the pullout freezer with a giant spoon and a gallon of ice cream going to town! Kaden decided he would climb out of his crib at 20 months, I know it was all a plot so I wouldn't get any sleep. Isn't that what kids do? I was not ready to have the sleepless nights of returning him to a "big boy" bed 50 bigillion (that really isn't a word is it?) times so I looked online for a solution and what do you know I found one. It's called a crib tent. This ingenious device saved us and continues to provide much needed sleep while I work up the energy to move Kaden to a "big Boy" bed. It attaches to the top of the crib and then goes under the mattress to provide a dome around the top of the child's crib and then it zips closed. I love it so much that we ordered a 2nd one for our play yard and it is the first thing we pack when we go out of town. I think I bought mine at www.onestepahead.com but I found them online at Walmart for the cheapest price. It's been a life saver for our family!


jules said...

Those tents are so cool. A friend used it with her daughter-she was a climber. Luckily we didn't have that issue.

Thanks for stopping by my Blog.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

i have been hearing about those... I will soo have to go check them out.