Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Water balloons flying through the sky

So last Saturday my husband filled up a bunch of water balloons for the kids to have a water fight. I was laying in the hammock relaxing after a hard days work, I spent Friday and Saturday painting and decorating Tyce's room in pirates, when all of the sudden yes you guessed it out of no where came a water balloon that landed in the tree and splashed all over me. A bit later I was cleaning up lunch that we'd eaten outside and my 14 year old nephew was laying in the hammock and yep you guessed it again, another water balloon came flying through the sky and drenched him. Which reminds me of a funny story. This happened a year ago in our neighborhood. We were at a neighborhood church party that was held in the back of one of our friends yards. They had all the tables decorated and we were all sitting eating dinner, chatting, and just enjoying everyone's company. Two of the neighborhood boys showed up and ate dinner with us but then left before the program. The program started and everyone was listening to the speaker as she talked about her life and played some songs that she had written. About half way into the program out of no where came a water balloon that hit one of the tables and burst, spraying everyone at the table including a little 1 month old baby, luckily she was wrapped up in a baby sling. A few seconds later, the second balloon hit. The men started to get up and one of the fathers of the 2 boys who had been there earlier yelled, "Spencer!" (just happens to be his name too) All the men went running to see if they could find these boys. The boys were found by Spencer's father hiding in his garage and needless to say they received quite the lecture. They had to come back to the party and apologize to everyone who was there. I personally thought it was all done in fun and they are some of the cutest boys I know. They always come up with funny pranks and I hope some day my boys choose to do the same thing. I'm sure as a parent it won't be as funny but none the less I can think of a lot worse things they could be doing.