Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dead and Bomb, what other words should a 2 year old know?

So Tyce wanted me to play sword fighting with him. He had 2 tinker toy sticks and handed me one saying mom this is your light saber. Then he proceeded to stab me and say, "Mom you are dead. . . . . Okay you are back alive!" I stabbed him and he pretended to be dead, then all of a sudden he threw some little toy at me and said, "Bomb, you're dead!" It didn't matter what I did, he would tell me that wasn't the rules and I couldn't do that and he had a force field around him so nothing worked. Pretty much I just needed to stand up, get stabbed, play dead, and repeat! Then Kaden, my 2 year old, came over and stabbed me and said, "Dead!" Then he turned to Tyce and stabbed him and said, "Dead!" Then he turned to my sister and did the same thing. A few minutes later he walked around saying, "Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!" Lovely, I know. In case I didn't mention it he's in speech therapy right now because he's a bit delayed for his age so I'm sure his therapist will be thrilled to know that he now knows the words dead and bomb! Glad we aren't going to the airport anytime soon or my 2 year old might not make it through the screening process.


jules said...

I know having your 2 yr old saying Bomb & Dead isn't really funny. But I had to chuckle, I can just picture it, kinda cute. It amazes me sometimes the things they pick up.