Tuesday, June 10, 2008

May the force be with me

My husband loves the movie star wars and when the toys started coming out with the last 3 http://blog.kenvas.com/2007/06/movies he bought a bunch of them. You know it's that, "oh I always wanted one of these when I was a kid" syndrome, that turns you into a little kid as an adult. So you guessed it we have all sorts of little star wars characters, light sabers, the star wars ships, the darth vador talking mask and suit. You name it we probably have it. In fact one of my 5 year old nephews is obsessed with star wars and after playing with it he came and found me and the following conversation took place.
Nephew, "When your husband dies can I have all his cool star wars things."
Me, "Well I'm hoping he won't die soon."
Nephew, "I know but when he does die then can I have them because I really like them all."
With that said, you should know that not only do we have every http://parisparfait.typepad.com/paris_parfait/music/index.html
star wars toy we also have the ability to use the force. Well I don't have the ability but apparently my 4 year old son, Tyce does. For example, today we went to the store and Tyce said, "Mom wait I'll get the door." He then proceeded to run up to the automatic door and stick his hand out like a jedi and say something like, "whooosh." Then he paused in the jedi stance until I walked through the door. Then he ran up to the next door looking behind him to make sure no one was going to interrupt his use of the force and then did it again.