Monday, June 30, 2008

I didn't know church could be so dangerous!

So yesterday we we all went to church, we made it there on time and of course hubby and I were assigned to say the prayers as we do about every 5 weeks or so. Apparently we still haven't gotten it right because they keep asking us! :) Sacrament meeting was the normal 1 hour and 10 minute wrestling match, hearing bits and pieces of the speaker and counting down the minutes until Primary starts, we begin a quiet little chant, "song and a prayer, song and a prayer, song and a prayer" when we hit the closing song and then the kids are off to their classes. Hubby and I go to Sunday School where we can actually listen to the teacher and participate. At the end of Sunday School hubby took off to go teach the youth and I decided I'd move up a few rows to sit with another lady, Holly, who's husband teaches the youth. I was just beginning to catch up with Holly's life the past week when the Primary president came in and gestured for me to come out into the hall. I set my stuff down on the seat with every intention to return, and quickly went out the door. In the hallway I found Tyce waiting for me, being held in his teachers arms with some blood running down his face coming from a cut that was right on the side of his eye. I wondered what happened since I didn't realize Primary was so dangerous. His teacher informed me he was singing, "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!" and when he jumped up he fell and hit the chair in front of him. It seemed like a freak accident to me and then when I examined his eye I realized he was probably going to need stitches. Luckily there are a few doctors who go to our church and so I went to find one of them to see what he thought about Tyce's eye. He agreed that Tyce would need stitches, he offered to do them at his house but then decided he probably didn't have the right numbing medicine so I'd better take him to the insta care. So I grabbed hubby and we were off to spend the next hour and a half at the insta care where Tyce ended up getting 3 stitches. He was very brave and didn't cry until the doctor started giving him stitches but when the doctor was finished the tears went away when the doctor informed Tyce that she had a popsicle for him. On the way home he informed us that he was definitely braver than Spencer since he hardly cried at all. Thinking back I would have to agree since it took hubby, a nurse, and I to hold Spencer still while the doctor stitched up his foot and he laid there trying to get up and screaming the entire time. It was horrible.
Needless to say I think I'll send Tyce to church with a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and a mouth guard next week! :) And as all great parents do, we taught him that when someone asks him what happened to his eye he should respond with, "You should see the other guy!" Aren't parroting kids fun! :)


jules said...

Wowsers. It's horrible when they get hurt,Isn't it? and always amazing how they do it. Well I am glad Tyce is doing well and he was a brave brave boy by the sound of it.