Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Blowing bubbles

Today we went to Spencer's last baseball game, hurray! Yes shout it out with me HURRAY! Yes we've been sleeping, eating, and drinking baseball for the last 2 1/2 months and since it's been such a rainy spring the season has lasted a bit longer due to rainouts. Well tonight they played at 8pm, yes seems late for a 7 year old but apparently it was the only time slot available. My husband wasn't home so I bundled up the kids and loaded them into the car and headed out to the baseball game. The game started and my husband met me there which was so nice since now we could each man a child since we had a little attitude going on because it was an hour past bedtime.
I heard Kaden yell, "bubbles! bubbles!" He was so enthusiastic so I looked over to see where he was finding these bubbles and lo and behold Tyce was hanging over the bleacher watching as his spit slowly fell to the ground seeing how long it could hang before it dropped. Kaden thought this was great because it looked like little bubbles. You'll have to look closely at the picture to see it but that would be the great bubbles Kaden was talking about.
Funny I really don't remember playing those sort of games as a little girl, or blowing bubbles in that manner!