Monday, August 25, 2008

Another reason you know you should have stayed in bed this morning

So I just cannot believe huns luck these past few days (if you didn't read my last post about his luck click here) and so I had to share what happened this morning with you all.
I was upstairs with my boys eating breakfast when I hear a loud crash in the basement. It sounded like hun had crashed the ironing board while ironing a shirt (yes he does iron since I am not a fan of it, bonus points for him huh?). He yelled up to me and so I ran downstairs only to find him in the bathroom completely naked with the shower door shattered in pieces all around him. He couldn't really move because the floor was covered in glass. He ended up getting a big cut on his foot, hand, and stomach but luckily no stitches. He said he was just shutting the shower door not yanking it or anything. Here is a look at all the glass

I didn't even realize those doors were actually made of glass. I guess it makes sense but the people who built this house and lived here before we bought it were very cheap in everything they put in so I would think they would have put in some cheap plasticy (nice word huh) crap but apparently they forked over the $300 for these doors. I would have never guessed they cost that much but now that we have to replace them I'm quickly finding out.
This morning we locked the bathroom door so that everything could dry out before we tried to clean it up. When hun got home from work he took the broom down and ended up sweeping up more than a garbage can full of glass, I could not believe all the places it had ended up.

When I told hun I was going to go get my camera to take pictures he turned to me and said, "Why? Are you going to put this on the blog as yet another reason you know you should not have gotten out of bed this morning." He knows me oh so well since that was exactly my plan. Well I guess I'm off to go look for a new shower door!


Munchkins and Music said...

Sounds like the house I grew up in! Boys can be crazy sometimes. ahhh, but they can be sweet too!

Lynn said...

Ya this was actually my husband that did this not my boys! Crazy huh!

(fairy) Godmother said...

Funny comment from your hon, but how scary that the door could just crumble like that. So glad he was not seriously injured!