Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet puppy!

Meet puppy!

We've had this little guy for just over a month now and are really enjoying him. He's such a sweet little guy and so mellow for a puppy! He's pretty smart too, well except for this little incident
where he tried to fit through the fence and ended up with his front leg and head on one side and his rear end and other 3 legs on the other. We ended up having to unscrew the board on the fence to get him out!
Here is a video of Tyce playing with puppy. Aren't puppies so much fun, well except for the house training and chewing part but other than that look at the cutie!


SweetAbbs said...

Ah the puppy days! They're fun but I don't miss them. And holy crap about your shower. Yowser!