Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Can you believe this?

The other morning I walked outside and this is what I found
(Take note of how far up on the curb the car is, that's how my husband parks it so there is hardly any of the car on the road, yet someone managed to hit all that was in the road).

That's right, my husband's car had been hit in the night while we were sleeping. Now we live on a dead end street with very little traffic especially in the night so I was perplexed by how this happen. Considering he was parked in the north side of the road and the car was traveling east. So the car was on the wrong side of the road and apparently driving super fast since our car was bounced a full car length. Luckily there was a note left on the window. Thank goodness for honest people! When my husband called the number on the note he found out that this number belonged to the newspaper man and he had been delivering newspapers when he plowed our car. Can you even believe that? It was the newspaper delivery man first thing in the morning. That morning my husband got up and said, "I'm pretty sure that if your car gets hit first thing in the morning you should go back to bed." I told him, "I'm pretty sure if you hit someone's parked car that early in the morning you shouldn't have gotten out of bed."


Julie said...

You guys are even funny after your car gets smashed up!!

At least they left a note. Wow!!

Anonymous said...

Getting your car smashed..not funny. Your husband's reaction..hilarious. My man would have blew a gasket and woke up everyone on the street with his ranting and raving!

TL said...

Ya he's a funny guy! I wasn't sure what his reaction would be and didn't really want to bring the note in, I mean seriously good morning honey, how'd you sleep oh ya and you'll have to walk to work this morning because your car got crunched while you were getting your beauty rest! :) It's getting fixed now so hopefully it won't take that long, we'll see!