Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Works for me Wednesday

Yeah WFMW is back!

Well school has begun and that means earlier mornings, which in my house means cranky kids! I love the summer months when we all can sleep in and stay up late! Well I get really tired of telling my son 50 bigillion times to find your shoes, get your backpack, or brush your teeth only to be pulling him out the door to get there just in time for the bell to ring yelling, "hurry hurry!" I would end up dropping my son off totally frustrated and then feeling bad leaving him because he had had a rushed morning where his mom ended up yelling at him to "hurry up!" He'd be frustrated because he was trying hard and then he'd be mad that we couldn't walk because we were so late.
Well do I have the solution for this! I mentioned it in my Monday post but thought I'd wait to go on and on about it for this post. It's called the Children's Miracle Music and it is just that a complete miracle. The website seems kinda cheesy but really it works so well. I've been using it for a couple weeks now and I heard about it from a friend who's been using it for 2 years and yes it still works. My friend has left a testimonial on the site along with others and it really is as good as they say!
I put the CD in the CD player before my kids wake up and it plays soft music to wake them up, then it has a ladies voice that comes on and tells them good morning and they start the game. They end up making their bed, getting dressed, showering, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, clearing dishes, putting pj's away, fixing hair, and doing a job (act of kindness) each morning in about 40 minutes with a smile. I really just sit back and watch or help when I'm asked. They are so excited to do everything because when they earn 100 points (about 12 per day) they get to pick the place and go on a date with one parent. It's fun because I get to take my son out with just him and listen to all the fun things he has to say. I feel so much better with it because I drop my son off at school knowing I didn't tell him to hurry once and I wasn't frustrated because he was ready in plenty of time with a happy attitude and excited because he was all the closer to his date.
I tell you it's a genius idea and totally worth the $30. That's right it's only $30, I'm amazed at the product and wish I'd found it sooner!


Anonymous said...

We have this too! I learned about it in our local newspaper and decided to give it a try. We have been using it for a while and my boys are not as fond of it as they used to be because they finally caught on that it is just a task master in another form. We started to make it a game with rewards for anyone who can "beat the music".

Lynn said...

Isn't that how you play? In order to get points for a date you have to beat the music. My boys know it is to get their jobs done but it's much more fun than mom saying, "Okay now do this, or now do that or hurry up!"

Jen said...

This worked for us for a while, too. I am acutally ready to sell me copy, if anyone reading this is interested.

I think it's best for kids 4-8.

Lynn said...

That's true, my children are ages 4 and I love it but then again my friend that's been using it for 2 years has a 10 year old that still uses it. I guess it just depends on your attitude and how you follow it! there are 2 versions with different music and I'm sure it's beneficial to rotate them every year. Thanks for sharing, you are right I should have mentioned an age!