Thursday, July 17, 2008

Changing my point of view

My husband owns a small title company and with the economy the way that it is right now let's just say it's not going so well. We've been struggling as we try to make decisions together. It's been hard to watch him come home from work stressed out yet trying to put on a happy face for his family. One night neither one of us could handle it anymore and we weren't sure where to turn, I asked my husband if he had talked to his father. I meant his father that lives a neighborhood over from us but he took it as his Father in Heaven. So that is what he did, he knelt in prayer and talked with his Heavenly Father and felt peace at least for a while. We decided to make a list of our assets and liabilities both physical and spiritual. We started with the assets and realized we have 3 great kids who are healthy and who all get along well with each other, we have each other and a strong marriage at that, we have both of our families who are very supportive, and then of course we added our house and other material things like that. As I watched the list grow I felt a surge of gratitude run through my body. I know that no matter what happens with the economy and with his business we are blessed and if everything falls and crumbles we will still have each other and we will still have our children and our families.


Julie said...

You couldn't have posted that at a better time. I was just telling my husband that we can't focus on the negatives in our lives. I truly believe that if you do that your life will attract the negative. I told him we have to be positive too. I have forwarded this post to him to read, I sure hope he does.