Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The pet of the day

So Kaden (2) is obsessed with rolly polly bugs. You know what I mean right? They are these small bugs that when you drop them or scare them (I guess) they roll up into a ball. Well whenever I'm not sure where Kaden is I know I can step outside and he'll be right out the backdoor digging between the sidewalk and the grass trying to find rolly polly bugs. He carries them everywhere and has been bringing them in the house lately. A big No! No! at our house since we have plenty of ants living with us. We sprayed to get rid of them and yet they still seem to think they own the place. Okay so they aren't as bad as they were at the beginning of the summer but still I don't need anymore creepy crawly things in my house. So yesterday I see Kaden with this little measuring cup, it looks like the one out of a formula bottle (where he found it I have no idea) just carefully carrying it around the house. I walk over and what do you know he has 3 little rolly polly bugs in it. Oh wait did I say little I meant 2 little ones and then he has the King of all rolly polly bugs crowded in there with the others. Yep that's right his little friends in there very little home. Although it could be worse as you remember Tyce loves daddy long leg spiders because they "tickle" him. Yes I'd have to say I'll take rolly polly bugs any day if my other option is spiders!


Morning By Morning said...

EW rolly polly are gross!!! Josh is so scared of bugs even ants~

I some how have to work on this, boys should like bugs!

I LOVE your new page~ it looks great!

Julie said...

I love the new look-it's cool!!

I hate those things, we have them in our garage. Funny thing is they aren't bugs. They are crustaceans, like shrimp-they have gills. How funny is that. (I got a little obsessed with them-couldn't get rid of them)

Lynn said...

Thanks I spent the day yesterday trying to fix my blog so it was more of my personality. I still need to figure out a header but for now this works!
Interesting to know about those stinkin' bugs. Both my younger sons love them and I'm just not so much into them!