Monday, July 28, 2008

Mother Nature has a tantrum

I have been enjoying summer and especially now when all the flowers are in bloom

the garden is growing, the tomatoes are starting to ripen, squash is looking good, my corn is growing, and well the pumpkins and watermelon are trying. It's hard to see in this picture but trust me on this one, it is looking good! *S*

The kids are playing outside in the water and on the slip-n-slide. I even went out and slid a few times with them myself. I should have made a video of that as it would have been worth watching! :) Take note of the trees still standing in the background.

And Then The Wind Started to Blow and . . . . . . . . . .

well that garden I've worked so hard on. . . . . it now looks like this

yes that's right my corn blew right over on top of the rest of my plants and it refuses to stand back up no matter how hard I try (sounds like parenting my 2 year old).

and then if that wasn't bad enough the wind came crashing threw my yard and took out what was left of our tree. This poor tree has gone piece by piece but alas it is gone. We are left with a gap in our landscape and a large stump that we just aren't sure what to do with. Any ideas?


SweetAbbs said...

I think you should carve an old man's face into the stump. And make sure to give it a beard. I hear its all the rage these days in the landscaping world. *S*

Lynn said...

I thought about that but I haven't sharpened my carving skills (or skiddles as we say around here) lately!

Anonymous said...

so sorry about your garden! I love, love, love the look of your blog. Love it!

Lynn said...

Thanks, I love it too.

Julie said...

Wow. I hope you can salvage your garden.