Thursday, July 3, 2008

Spider anyone?

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer and Kaden came up to me (remember he's 2) and put his hand toward my face, I look over and see these long legs protruding from where his thumb and finger were pinched together and he says, "Mom 'pider." Yes that's right the kid was holding a spider in his hand. I tried not to jump or do anything of the sort since he's such a little tease and then he would have put it up to my face and laugh. Yuck! I wondered where he learned to just pick up spiders since his dad is terrified of them. Seriously he is a tough guy in other aspects of life but put a spider near him and he'll jump right out of his seat.
Well today I found out exactly where he had learned that spiders where our friends. I was outside weeding my garden. Yes I have a garden and it is looking so beautiful and I'm so excited! Tyce came in the garden and said, "Oh mom look it's a daddy long leg." He promptly picked it up and then said, "I sure like petting these guys." Then he dropped it and said, "There you go buddy!" The story continues when I was weeding another part of the garden and Tyce was standing behind me, he said, "Hey mom there is a spider on you, could you hand it to me." Are you serious? I'm thinking gross, smash it, quick get it off, but I didn't panic I just stood up and asked where and then we found it because it had fallen off.
I'm not really afraid of spiders but I don't want them as pets and I surely don't want to pet them. It must be another one of those boy things I'm learning about since I definitely did not play with spiders when I was a little girl!


jules said...

Holy Cr%#!!
I almost didn't read your post,I hate spiders. But how cute "here you go buddy". I've always tried to keep the arachnophobia away from my daughter-but she is petrified-can it be hereditary LOL!