Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Voluntarily, Optional School supplies

So school started this last Monday around here! Ya I know it's so super early and it snuck up on me, I was not at all prepared. We ended up running out Saturday night to get a backpack and a lunch box. We also had to go to get Spencer's haircut for school since it was obvious his mom had been neglecting him in the haircutting area! :)
In the state where I live the school is supposed to provide everything for the students (pencils, crayons, etc.) and it is covered in taxes. Well Spencer came home the 2nd day with the following note.

We are happy to have your child in 2nd grade! The following items are used by students in the 2nd grade. We encourage you to voluntarily provide these items if possible. We have found that some of these items the children enjoy using at school and having as their own.
*Pencil Box
*Back Pack
*Glue stick
*Colored pencils or markers
*1" three ring binder
Please remember that these items are optional!

I had to laugh as I read the note since they've asked that I voluntarily (have to say that but really I mean bring them as soon as possible) provide these items because "children enjoy having them as their own."

Spencer asked me, "Mom why do you need all that stuff anyways."
I told him, "well, because some kids enjoy having them as their own."
He said, "I don't really care if I do" and then he walked away.

That's right he doesn't really care. I just thought it was funny that they made sure to let you know that it was "voluntary and optional" because they have to tell you that. I am more than happy to provide these items for my son because I know if I don't it will end up being the teacher who pays for the supplies. Just thought it was amusing and worth sharing.


Virginia said...
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Julie said...

In school already. Our kids start end of August. Funny how things are different in other parts of the US.

I love buying school supplies.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the link to coupons. I just thought it was a really funny letter coming home, I already had most supplies so it was fine. I've been buying them for a while since my brother is serving in Iraq and helped build a school house for the children there and asked us to all gather school supplies for the children there. He received them the other day and I can't wait for the children to start school so he can send me pictures of them.