Friday, July 25, 2008

Do I really need a fairy Godmother?

I know stress is part of life but dang I wish I could get rid of it with some magic flip of a wand. Where is my fairy Godmother? I'm just stressed out for my husband right now as he owns a title company, which from my earlier post you know isn't going so well. He has to go talk to 4 offices today to discuss the cuts that he has to make on Monday. He's such a sweet guy and takes it to heart, he cares about every employee he has and worries and prays for their families. He is more stressed than I've ever seen him and I so wish I could just take it away. I really hope the economy starts to get better soon and that he can have some sort of relief.
I think I'll skip the whole flip of a magic wand and stop looking for my fairy Godmother and just continue what I'm doing. Continue to pray to my Heavenly Father and know that we are in his hands and he will take care of it all. I'll look for the ways he has blessed my life and enjoy my 3 sweet healthy boys!